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I was delighted to receive an email from teacher James Robson last week with a link to some of his student’s excellent digital illustrations. Their pictures have been created following my drawing videos. The shark appears to have been most popular so I’ve collected their masterpieces together in one big montage. When holding cartoon workshops I often point out how
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Only available at WH Smith – our new Nasty Nature bookazine. Packed with facts – SCIENCE HAS NEVER BEEN SO HORRIBLE!

Dissected eyeballs and jurassic beasts

When I first started working in publishing I had no idea that authors and illustrators are sometimes invited to talk to audiences. In fact, publishers are very happy if the people who create the books are also prepared to help promote them. There is also the small matter of finance. Earning a living as a
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Horrible Science TV Show

There’s another chance to watch The Horrible Science TV Show series on CITV Wednesday’s @ 5:00 pm starting February 3rd. It has been so exciting to see our books morph into a children’s TV programme. Many of the episode titles are taken from our paperbacks: Deadly Diseases, Sounds Dreadful, Chemical Chaos and other best sellers.
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The Brain Boggling Body Book

OUT NOW! The Brain Boggling Body Book – ideal for everybody including YOUR body! Dare you discover: How large your lungs would be if you ironed them flat? Why white blood cells are the most ruthless, deadliest army in the known universe? How to weigh your teacher’s head? Get all the awful answers and more in:

Drawing on iPads

Drawing on an iPads requires a little patience when starting out – it is very different from sketching with a pencil and paper. The blunt tip of a drawing stylus forces the artist to simplify sketches but I have found this rather liberating and great fun to experiment with. I’ve tried a variety of drawing apps but Zen
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